The first thing we need is your Commitment to enter our earn while you learn training program with the intention to do your best to learn and serve Clients and put your personal gain behind the good of the Clients, if we have your Commitment use the < - - - Orange Commitment Tab on the left to indicate it, and then use the Assoc Q&A Form below it to indicate how you want to start, if you are not willing to give your Commitment we wish you luck and hope we took you closer to what you are looking for.
Your 1st Assignment as a new entry level PR Associate follows below and is part of The Process that has been the one constant in 50 years of evolution and change and has been responsible for billions of dollars in real estate & finance sales and Financial Independence & a Secure Retirement for thousands, so it is smart to follow in their footsteps.

It can pay big to pay attention to small things.

All too often we miss the little things that can make a big difference. That is just human nature. But it is important to remember that little hinges can swing big doors because you never know when or where the door of opportunity may open for you.

The bank offers you a choice of rewards for returning the bag.

Your choices are;

1st choice is a $10,000 cash reward, or,

2nd Choice is a $100,000 cash reward with the stipulation that you can only keep 25% of it and must give away the other 75%,

Which would you choose?

Unless you flunked first grade math you would probably take the 2nd choice, right?

But the bigger questions is;

Who would you pick to share your new found bounty with?

Family and friends is probably more likely to be your choice rather than total strangers, is that right?

Whomever you would choose, those are the same people you should select to use as practice in launching your new career.

You need to practice on people who know you and who would forgive you for making mistakes. You will use some of them as guinea pigs to practice on before we approve you for interactions with actual prospects or Clients.

These are the same people whose opinions you should value and should be happy to refer you to others they know that may have a need or want for services you will be able to help them acquire.

A good place to start is create your list with the < - - orange tab on the left.

That is your 1st Assignment as a new Associate.

You will get some of your training at Preview events and we have a variety of them just like we have a variety of Programs because there is no '1 size fits all' solution to real estate or income problems in-spite of the fact that most all of us want to eventually end up in the sam
e place: Financially Free and on the path to a Secure Retirement.

Referrals have always been the lifeblood of our business and we will help you build your own referral base so you are never lacking and can experience the same abundance that our Founding Fathers, Advisors, and long time Associates and Clients have that will soon be yours too. 

Until then we have lead programs to assist you, opt-in with the green tab on the right. - - - >

"Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit." ~ Napoleon Hill

We need your Commitment to follow The Process and complete what you set out to do, if you are not fully committed to finishing what you start just opt out now because you will not fit in here.

There is not anything inherently wrong with depending on ourselves, it is more reliable and controllable than depending on others where we have no control, but the point is to move from the left side where the amount of your actual active work is what determines your income to the right side where you gain leverage from the efforts of others and do less actual active personal work and gain more income as a result.

Limitations to changing sides:

Capital (money & credit),Time, Knowledge & Skills, Relationships, and as with most things it all starts with a simple shift in your focus and mindset.

It is not easy to do, but it can be done.

The choice is yours. Choose to do it.

Learn how, & be patient. You Can Do it. We can help.

We become what we think about. - Earl Nightingale


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Something to remember...

The first rule of selling to family members ...

is never SELL to family members.

The second rule of selling to family members is

... ALWAYS sell to family members.

Now, let's break this down and think about those two statements. Family members can be an amazing source of leads, purchases, and referrals in your new business so why wouldn't you want to capitalize on all possible sources? However, it is important to remember that your family was there before, during, and after any business venture you pursue, and the sting of a bad deal can always linger far beyond the amount they spent.

Let's start with the first rule. It clearly states that you should never sell to family. This is 100% true. But notice which word in that rule is capitalized... "SELL". It says never SELL to family. One of the definitions of the word sell is "Persuade someone." You should never have to persuade anyone to buy something that is in their best interest... especially your family.

Now look at the the second rule... You should ALWAYS sell to family. Notice the capitalized words. In the second rule, ALWAYS is capitalized, but sell is not. This means you absolutely should discuss this opportunity with your family. When you approach a family member about your new venture, come from a position of discussion or curiosity. Let them know what you are doing, let them see the opportunity for themselves. Don't push or convince them to attend a webinar or meeting.

One way to introduce the opportunity to family is asking for opinions & advice. People love giving their opinion, especially when someone looks to them as a trusted adviser.

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