Training 1

Here is a checklist so you can see how you are progressing in the screening process;

Requirements are  you need at least 15 points to qualify to enter Basic Training (each step completed is worth 1 point) and there are 29 total steps because we need to feel that you can be a good long term fit and you should understand at least enough of what we do to feel it is a good fit for you before either of us invest a lot of time and money in your training and future.

29 Steps or less to come On-Board

 1 Resume
 2 Application
 3 Answers to Initial Questions

 4 Review Step 1 Briefing Page
 5 Register for 15 Minute Briefing
 6 Give guide your briefing schedule
 7 Complete the 2 briefing steps
 8 Provide Briefing Feedback
 9 Answer Standard Interview Questions

Begin Orientation Phase

10 Review Program Intro and list 3 Programs that resonate best

11 Register for Step 2 Intro
12 Review Step 2 Intro Page
13 View Step 2 Recording
14 Attend live simulcast Downers Grove (Intro, IOS Training, Velocity Banking)
15 Attend live intro local office (Investor Entourage & Inspire Realty Partners)
16 Provide Step 2 Feedback

17 Attend Cash Recovery Event
18 Attend Property Tour

End Orientation Phase

19 Register for Step 3
20 Review recording
21 Attend simulcast Downers Grove
22 Attend live Downers Grove
23 Provide Step 3 Feedback
24 Complete Associate Q&A Form

25 Schedule your CPI
26 Complete your CPI
27 Get approved for a seat in Basic Training
26 Make your On-board choices
28 Complete your paperwork & assignments
29 Start Basic Training

30 Practice Guest Attendance & Interaction with your guinea pigs at 3 to 5 events obtaining referrals to potential candidates and/or prospects with the assistance of your guide or Team Leader before going live with actual candidates, prospects, or Clients..

Keep your guide posted at each step.

It probably seems like we have a lot of steps that will take a lot of time to get through, that is true now, and has always been true, as a matter of fact our Step 2 Orientation at one point was a 2 full day event (Sat & Sun) before we made our selections of who got to start Basic Training at a Career Planning Interview (CPI) the following week. (just ask Joe) But considering that we deal with Clients for life and what is at stake for them and you we have found it is in everyone's best interest.

See our CSR page: since that is where Basic Training starts for everyone regardless of role.

Most of our Training Pages are video playlists of various videos that we have accumulated over the years that can be of value to Associates.

Unlike the education platform they do not follow any particular curriculum.

Volunteers to form Content Curator Teams need to be assembled by Sr. Associates for web presence, Marketing, and Training.

New Associate 1st Assignment in on the <  < < Orange Tab on the left or on the link:

Must be completed before start of Basic Training.

The story behind your first assignment is one we have been using for 40 years and can be found here: