Branch Manager Trainee
Career Income Opportunity
  Real Estate & Finance

We're a Private Deal Platform & Incubator to develop People & Deals.

We're real estate investors who completed thousands of deals and successfully retired from the Real Estate & Mortgage Banking business but not from doing deals. We have many Associates & Clients that have been with us over 25 and 30 years, most are retired now but many still do deals to this day.

A Branch Office is a simple idea that took us many years to figure out how to do right in a way that would be sustainable and make sense today and then it took another year and a half to partially prepare to implement it properly.

Finally, 8+ years and $1,500,000+ later we now have 43 new Branch Offices on the drawing board that we want to open in the next 30 months to service demand with plenty more to follow as we get those open.

You see for years we ran our incubator for developing people and deals in a large central office and after closing it we are now ready to incubate our next batches in new Branch Offices to provide better access and fuel our expansion
using our Private Deal Platform for all types of Real Estate Deals and our proprietary Programs to solve real estate and income problems for new and existing Clients.

A Branch Office needs a Branch Manager and each Branch Manager needs at least 1 or 2 assistant managers which is what creates our Branch Manager Career Income Opportunity. 

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Branch Manager Trainee
 Career Income Opportunity
 Real Estate & Finance

We're seeking a strong leader that will lead a team, operate a satellite Branch Office, and be responsible for recruiting new interns, apprentices, and Associates, plug them into our Systems, and guide them through our Process so that they may become productive contributing members of our movement.

You must have an interest in real estate and finance and some management and leadership abilities are essential.
Experience in real estate or finance can be helpful but is not necessary.

A Real Estate or Mortgage license is not required, but if you have either one it can provide you with extra income.

Our Branch Offices act as an incubator for new interns, apprentices, and Associates to learn the basics and get up to speed before integrating into the rest of our community and becoming productive contributing members in our movement..

We are currently seeking branch mangers for Aurora, Downers Grove, Naperville, Lisle, Lombard, and Westmont IL with plenty of others to follow in AZ, FL, IN, MA, NJ, NY, PA, & more as we get people recruited, trained, and certified to operate the Branches.

We have our own Private Deal Platform for all types of Real Estate Deals using our proprietary Programs to solve real estate or income problems. If you have a real estate or income problem, we have a program for that. Doing deals can provide life changing money.
(lots of repeat deals)

Our Private Deal Platform provides access our Programs & Resources to support you further as a Branch Manger where you can work hard for 5 years and you will create an income that can continue after you stop working.

Your Branch Manager opportunity is the equivalent of owning your own McDonalds franchise without the $250,000+++ investment.

This opportunity is not for everyone, and not everyone will qualify, we do have a 3 Step Screening Process to select candidates. We're pretty choosy about who we accept, we have more than earned that right, and we owe it to our long term Clients and Associates.

Qualified candidates are supported by basic training, a functional marketing & sales system that you can plug right in to that does most of the heavy lifting for you, and a progressive peer, and associate, network with ample advancement opportunity.

We'll be adding Branch Offices through out the country to support our existing regional offices.

Our part time 90 Day Earn while your Learn Basic Training program and probation period will provide everything you need to know so you can succeed and know if you are a good fit for a lifetime career and never look back, but if you or we find out that you are not a fit you can go back to what you were doing with your newly acquired knowledge & skills.

Note: You must be certified to operate and/or own a Branch Office, we will help you get certified if you are who we are looking for. Tuition Reimbursement is part of o
ur Ultimate Benefit Plan and available if you want to obtain your real estate license or other related education.

We have always preferred to start candidates that had no license or direct experience and teach them the right way from the start rather than attempt to make up for inadequate training or change bad habits.


    * Exceptional Compensation Program
    * Ultimate Benefit Program

* Secure Retirement Program  

Note: if we select you we can only offer you a part time start for your 90 day probationary period to make sure we have a mutual fit. From there you will have 90 days to come on-board full time or you will be limited to Customer Service and administrative roles only until you do.

If you have fast food restaurant experience as a manager or shift supervisor or the equivalent you will do just fine.

If you have not completed your application do it on the < < < orange tab on the left or the link below. (select Branch Manager Trainee)

Note: We're built for sustainability for generations, and our movement is on a mission to enable 10,000 Associates across the country to earn $100,000+ per year using our Programs, Platform, Resources & Community to help them do it.

We've teamed up on our Movement with Inspire Capital Partners and Inspire Realty Partners to add some relative youth and freshness to our established core to provide for more longevity at the senior level. Become part of our EPIC Movement and you will make a positive difference for yourself and others.

Note: Since you need to learn The Process, our Branch Office systems, and procedures to run one you must start as a trainee and are subject to the same 90 day Basic Training & probationary period as all Associates regardless of role.

Each class takes 90 days to complete. Miss the start of Basic and you will have to wait at least 4 to 6 weeks for the next available opening. You need to raise your hand if you want to get in.