Here we grow again due to growth, expansion, & retirement once again we're seeking talented people at all levels from upper management to eager trainee. Since most everything we do is by referral only and we promote from within, all of our currently available opportunities and locations may not be posted, but you will find our CSR & Appointment Setting role is always open due to expansion & promotion and the fact that our Associates would rather pay someone else to do the scheduling work to get more people to add to the team so they can do what is pofitable and do more deals for more Clients which is fun as well as profitable.

Press play on the video above & Todd will tell you a little bit about us.

You will find our a link to our posted Income & Career Opportunities listed below.

But if you are just looking for a job you are not who we are looking for.

"Get a good education so you can get a good job" is the advice we all got while growing up. As adults it should be clear a good job is not the answer, and that age old advice is as much of a myth as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, & the Tooth Fairy. Specialized knowledge & applied action is your answer to obtain a 6 Figure Income & the ability to secure your future.

So, if you are looking for a career with 6 figure potential, and one that can lead you over a period of time to freedom from W-2 wage slavery, one with a well worn path to Financial Freedom that you can follow to get there yourself without having to wait 40 years to arrive, then you just might be one of the people we are looking for.

The CSR & Appointment Setter role is the closest thing we have to a job, it is the only permanent part time role and most use it as a stepping stone to a career as a highly paid Associate or manager.

We can always use more talent, we're active Nationwide with online systems & work from home options.

You will do your part and learn and earn at your own pace and take as much or as little time as you need to transition into the career path that will get you free of W-2 wage slavery and let you escape your J.O.B. so y
ou can be giving your boss notice sooner than you ever thought possible.

Join us and get on the path that will lead you to Financial Freedom and you can follow in the footsteps of the hundreds and thousands that have gone before you.  To see if you qualify start here
Go to: see our posted opportunities, complete an application and start our 3 Step Screening process Today!

Anchor Advisors & Associates has been an incubator for developing people and deals leading the way to Financial Freedom and a secure retirement for Associates and Clients going back more than 50 years. (that's why Associates & Clients stay for years)

We're real estate investors who completed thousands of deals and successfully retired from the Real Estate & Mortgage Banking business but not from doing deals. We have many Associates & Clients that have been with us over 25 and 30 years, most are retired now but many still do deals to this day.

We're an Incubator for People & Deals & a Private Deal Platform.

If you have a real estate or income problem we have a Program for that. Our Buy Me A House Program and Build Me A House Program are the twin foundation under our house of programs because as a Client you can Get the House (or investment property) and Forget the Bank ever since we first established them more than 40 years ago. Our Buy My House Program and Save My House Program round out our program core which provides: Unlimited Demand - Limited Supply

After closing to new Clients & Associates a few months prior to 9-11 we are now making room for the Clients and Associates we haven't met yet for the first time in years as part of an EPIC Movement with a Mission.

We've teamed up on our Movement with Investor Entourage to add some relative youth and freshness to our established core to provide for more longevity at the senior level. Become part of our EPIC Movement and you will make a positive difference for yourself and others.

Our Mission is to Make A Difference

We're building far more than just a real estate community, we're building a community of people who want to pay less taxes, earn more money without needing a job by helping people solve real estate and income problems, obtain above average safe, stable returns through real estate, and celebrate each others greatest life moments on the journey to Financial Freedom, while enabling & inspiring others to do the same.

Associates assist our Advisors in processing Client Deals learning in the process as part of our earn while you learn training program.

Our Program Slide Show below will give you an idea of some of the tools you will have to work with that can solve real estate and income problems.
Go to: to see our posted opportunities, complete an application and start our 3 Step Screening process.

As one of our Associates you will be part of the triage team that obtains the symptoms and history from Clients, and then assist them after their diagnosis is in from our Advisors who are are the Deal Doctors.

Our Advisors diagnose & prescribe the proper Program combination from the information & symptoms supplied by the Client. As one of our Associates you will function as a Client guide & advocate assisting Advisors with processing deals and guiding Clients through the process.

Our Advisors and Associates each may choose to specialize in just one Program and our triage team coordinates scheduling the specialists needed on each deal with our Advisory Board.

Our Associate Income Program will provide you supplemental income that you can transition into a new financially & emotionally rewarding career helping people & make a difference doing it. We Recruit 3 Types ...

We measure our success by how many lives we change for the better, not by how many properties we buy, sell, or save, loans we fix, or students we enroll, (new)  although the 2 numbers do end up being one and the same, which is why we have Clients and Associates that have been with us for 20, 30, and even 40 years. (most of which are retired) Many still do deals where they can be the bank & let others do the work.

Our Building & Development Division has several new construction initiatives in the works where we will build 15,000 new houses in key markets between now & 2025 with our Build Me A House Program

Become part of our EPIC Movement and you will make a positive difference for yourself and others.  Apply to any posted opportunity.

All candidates must go through our 3 Step Screening Process prior to qualifying for an interview so you understand at least part of what we do.

Go to: to see our posted opportunities, complete an application and start our 3 Step Screening process to see if you qualify.

Ideas from our New House Initiative featuring our Build Me A House Program & our Buy Me A House Program along with our Fund My Deal & Find Me A Deal Programs to enable more people to have a new home.