Contact Anchor Advisors & Associates

You can use the send us a voicemail tab on the right or our VoiceMail Page: You can also message us with the Blue box.

Note: As part of an ongoing update and data migration process pages and links with “php?” along with a few others will not function until the updates and data migration have been completed, we apologize for any inconvenience as this affects more than 800 of our pages and will take a couple of years to complete.

If you are newer it does affect many hundreds of pages we had that answered most commonly asked questions. Check with your Associate for any pressing questions. Deal specific questions are addressed to your Associate for answer by our Advisors. It is important to note that this in no way affects our or your ability to do deals.

You should have your Associate's direct email address & phone number do not abuse it.

Our most common email addresses are below.


Use the first one if you have an Associate until they give you their preferred direct email address. (be sure to identify your Associate by name)

Use the second one if you need an Associate if you have already submitted your Program Application.

Use the third one for everything else and all general inquiries.

Our phones should be only be used for active transactions, you can find answers to most questions on our websites or you can contact your Associate. You can use the send us a voicemail tab and/or messaging widget on the right of many pages to send us a voice mail or message us without making a phone call.

To be clear your Associate is your primary point of contact.

You should have your Associate's direct email address & phone number do not abuse it.

Anchor Phones:

(630) 948-3700

(833) 227-2200 Toll Free

Phone calls interrupt the work of the person answering the phone so use the phone accordingly only as necessary.

Basic Telephone Protocol

Prerequisites: If you are the person making a call think before picking up the phone, have an objective and an agenda in mind. Estimate how much time it should take. If you don't do this in advance don't make the call. Keep in mind your call is an interruption if it is not expected at a specific time. (ideally with an agreed agenda & objective)

See the full phone protocol below for additional information.

The Basic Telephone Protocol above should be used by prospective candidates & clients, Clients, Associates, and Senior Associates alike.

For anyone fortunate enough to have occasion & access to call one of our Advisors, Senior Advisors, or Advisory Board members, the Basic Telephone Protocol above is an absolute necessity due to their added responsibility and the greater demands on their time.

For those occasions you want to get on their appointment schedule by preparing a proposed agenda and objective of the call in advance via email.

What we have found over the years is that telephone time is wasted quite a bit due to questions that come out of context or logical order which inevitably results in making something that is simple seem complicated when it is not, which is not good.
Our model really is just as simple as A B C but due to human nature when we want to understand 'how' out of context the simple 'what' is not easy to understand. (ask about our early 80's mortgage company man-hour study)

Review our simple A B C's below and trust in the process, to get to a win-win-win deal all questions are answered in context of the deal.
Our ideal Client is 25 years old+, married or in a committed relationship with 1 or more children who would like to achieve Financial Freedom sooner rather than later. The Sooner you start the sooner you will arrive, but we can help those that need to play 'catch up' too.

We will let you in on a little secret in case you are not already on the inside, do not have an Associate, or have one without a lot of experience yet. We have had more people to talk to than time to talk to them since the late 60's due to the nature of what we do and the demand it creates. The phone is a problem that has gotten worse with time.

Time is in finite supply and as much as we would prefer this not to be true, the sad truth is we have phone calls that get sent to voicemail because there is nobody available to answer, and even worse, we have voice mails that don't get listened to either because they are too long or none is available to listen.

Your Associate's direct line is your best bet.