Single Family New Construction Homes from: $290,000 - $445,000*

* New House Initiative Tier I pre-opening Prices

Tier I Phase I Prices:  $320K - $475K  Tier II  ($500k - $1.5M ) - Tier III ($1.5M+ ) 

New Construction Homes! - Home Sweet Home! or they also make Great Rentals! Kitchens w/ custom cabinets, counter-tops & appliances. Custom built-ins, open floor plans, hardwood floors, finished lower level on some models. Energy efficient, friendly to the environment, and built to last. Easy suburban living at its best from our New House Initiative. Pick a plan, your finishes & options to create your very own dream home.

Building has come a long way since we built our first house in the 60's and our Plan 5893 below can be built in a Great location just waiting for you to pick your finishes & options and make it your very own dream home. It's available in Downers Grove, Lisle, Lombard, Westmont, Wheaton, & other locations including the naturally beautiful Whitetail Ridge Golf Course Community only 10 minutes from Naperville.
We can customize this or any other plan just for you to meet your wants and needs. Note that the finished build pictures of our plan 5893 above were taken of a mirror image build with the owner's selections which included adding a 3rd garage stall.

Our Plan 3850 below is an extremely flexible plan waiting for you to make it your own. It is available from 2,602 sq. ft. to 3,744 sq. ft. with 3 to 5 bedrooms, a 2, 3, or 4 car garage, & optional home office with a private separate entrance and a home theater connecting both home & office.
Our Plan 8993 below is another very good option for you to consider making your very own with your selections & personal touches. A Home Theater, sun room, outdoor kitchen, and/or private home office?
If you want an upscale home with a little more room our Plan 3364 below is 5,000 sq ft + with 5 br 4.2 ba & a 4 car garage can fill the bill well.
You don't have to compromise on features or quality with a smaller size, our Plan 3211 below is a pleasant surprise that packs an awful lot into 2,505 sq ft in a narrow footprint. Our Plan 3211 is to be built 3 times ea in Downers Grove, Lisle, & Lombard & is also available in other areas. Pick your area, finishes, & options, & you can make it your very own dream home exactly as you want it in the area you choose.
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If a contemporary plan is more your style our Plan 5540 below can be built in Downers Grove, or any location you choose, just
pick a lot, your finishes & options and make it your very own contemporary dream home. (many other contemporary plans are available)
Why add on or remodel when you can trade in your current home for an affordable new highly energy efficient one. Your dream home can be more up to date convenient, comfortable, and save you money too.

See just some of our various other available plans below, (we have 400+ available) get an allotment for a lot, or pick an available lot. Pick a plan, pick your finishes & options and make one your very own dream home.

Overall value is the most important thing for anyone who is going to own a home. Value is not only determined by the initial construction cost but by the long term ownership of the home. The UltraFrame® insulated steel panel framing system delivers an end product that is 50%-70% more energy efficient than any current structural framing methodology. The UltraFrame® System is also proven worldwide delivering a green, sustainable solution. Do good for our earth & reward your budget too.

Ask your Associate for an invitation to one of our under construction property tours and be prepared to be impressed.

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Plan 3039 This 2496 sq. ft. home is one of our Lifetime Series:

   A Lifetime Home...
       Why It's Extraordinary...
           Why It's Green...

1) Home Office, Shop or Store...Serves as a secondary work location, reducing commuting expenses, providing direct exterior client access, yet retaining privacy for the homeowner. Alternatively, this may be used as a private Bedroom Suite.

2) Thinking Outside the Box...Easily modified to meet the ever-changing needs of the Home-Owner.

Modifications-Design consideration is given to window and door openings, chases, etc. to easily accommodate future changes, minimizing tear-down and reducing cost and waste.

Future Additions- It is anticipated that Future Additions will be created to
expand and enhance this design. Upon completion these will be made available to meet future homeowner's needs.

Moveable Walls...Design may include structural framing for future wall re- location...once again, minimizing tear-down, waste and expense. Moveable walls will likely include chases to allow wiring and/or plumbing to be easily re-routed to the new location.

3) 6" Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Exterior Walls are recommended in most designs, providing enhanced energy performance over conventional framing. a/k/a Wally Walls because it's better.

4) A Multi-Purpose Storage Building...As a final component of the structure, the cost effective storage building may be built by adjusting its size to utilize as many of the remaining scrap materials as possible. This will also provide storage space for remaining scrap materials to be stored, for use in future projects or repairs. This would significantly reduce the trash and scraps added to our land fills.

5) Both Active and Passive Energy-Saving Technologies are accommodated in these designs:

Active: South Facing Roof of rear garage provides significant partially concealed area for both photo-voltaic and water heating panels. A water source heat pump, open or sealed, is recommended where feasible, minimizing the need for electric resistance, gas & oil heating. "Wind-Finders", an innovation hidden within the Cupola, will automatically rotate to direct air flow throughout the home for selectable living space ventilation, attic ventilation, or wind turbine generators.

Ductwork in conditioned Space reduces demands of climate control systems.

Passive: Increased Glass on South Side provides heat gain in winter daylight hours, stored in dark flooring of effected rooms for release in cooler evening hours. These windows are shaded by retractable awnings in hot summer seasons.

Permeable tile field manages drainage within outdoor living area and provides easy access to field lines for sealed Water Source Heat Pump system. "Breathable" Roof underlayment system allows air to flow between roof tiles and decking to keep attic cooler.

6) Energy Star Appliances are recommended throughout as well as Water Saving Fixtures.

7) "Primary Point-of-Use" (PPOU) Tankless Water Heaters reduce wasted water during warm-up and heat water only on demand.

8) Skylights provide additional natural light in the central Family Room.

9) GreenHouse...Plants absorb CO2, produce Oxygen, are a major part of our diet, add beauty to our environment...Gardening can be an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor.

10) Reading Porch...Growing and expanding one's most valuable asset through reading is less time expending energy on electronic media and entertainment.

All 10 make a house that you can use for a lifetime and pass down to the next generation to use for a lifetime.
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We've been doing far more than just building and remodeling homes since the 60's. Our Proprietary Programs are featured in the slide show below.

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We're building far more than just a real estate community, we're building a community of people who want to pay less taxes, earn more money without needing a job by helping people solve real estate and income problems, obtain above average safe and stable returns through real estate, and celebrate each others greatest life moments on the journey to financial independence inspiring others to do the same along the way.