Single Family New Construction Homes from: $290,000 - $445,000*

* New House Initiative Tier I pre-opening Prices

Tier I Phase I Prices:  $320K - $475K  Tier II  ($500k - $1.5M ) - Tier III ($1.5M+ ) 

New Construction Homes! - Home Sweet Home! or they also make Great Rentals! Kitchens w/ custom cabinets, counter-tops & appliances. Custom built-ins, open floor plans, hardwood floors, finished lower level on some models. Energy efficient, friendly to the environment, and built to last. Easy suburban living at its best from our New House Initiative. Pick a plan, your finishes & options to create your very own dream home.

Building and financing has come a long way since we built our first house in the 60's. Overall value is the most important thing for anyone who is going to own a home.

Value is not only determined by the initial construction cost but by the long term ownership maintenance of the home. The ultra efficient Building Systems available today deliver an end product that is 50%-70% more energy efficient than any current structural framing methodology and delivers a green & sustainable solution to today’s consumer and investor.

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Our new construction homes are offered through our proprietary Programs:

Build Me A House Program and are approved properties for our
Buy Me A House Program.

With our Buy Me A House & Build Me A House Program; you can:
Get the House & Forget the Bank.

  Get In
  Get Out or Stay In
  Do it again when you're ready

Houses, Apartments, or Commercial, you're a Client for Life once you get on the inside, it's a tool to help your realize the American Dream with an A-B-C simple process that you can ultimately use to help secure your retirement.

Note: some lots and houses are reserved exclusively for existing Clients, Associates, or other community members.

Want a new house in a golf course community?

No need to pay $200,000 or more for just the lot.

We have lots available for under $100K in a golf course community where people have paid $160,000- $260,000 for a lot and $1,000,000+ homes already exist.

We have Lots starting in the $50's and houses starting in the $300's allowing you to live the life without paying a huge price.

"Whitetail Ridge Golf Community", is Yorkville's premier address, build your custom dream home among all the beautiful custom homes.  (2,500 sq ft min 1 story, 2,800 sq fit min 2 story)

Currently there are new homes being built. Enjoy the professional award winning golf course designed by local architect Greg Martin among the farm land locally known as "The Ridge".

The front nine plays as a links-style course, while the back nine features elevation changes and spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

Enjoy the handsome designed Whitetail Ridge Club House which includes a nicely appointed restaurant & pub, elegant Ballroom, and pro-shop with all necessary services for your golfing needs.

Easy access to major highways, many lots to choose from, its a great time to invest in Whitetail Ridge Golf Community, lets talk!!! Home owners not required to join the Golf Club. (open to the public)

Only 10 min away from Naperville and Plainfield. Open sky country! Currently the lots are reasonable but they won't stay that way for long!

Opportunity Knocks! You may want to answer before prices return to pre-crash levels now that word is spreading so get in now before prices go up or they are gone.

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Whitetail Ridge Golf Community Lot Inventory below.

"What's the deal on Allotments?"

We source and assemble lots up to 5 years in advance of starting construction so we can plan our Phases and then build & market efficiently.

The lots are later released in small Allotments to investors so they have the opportunity to profit from Phase Price Appreciation.

Your $100 Allotment Fee secures the right to Purchase or Option Allotted building lots when they are called in the future.

There is no selection process for Allotted lots, they are randomly released. There are plan selections available for each lot based on what is compatible construction for the lot.

So with lot Allotments the choice is either Purchase or Option the lot when it has been Called and approved for construction making the Allotment process more suitable for investors and speculators than owner occupants although both are welcome as long as they understand the options and rules.

Each $100 Allotment you purchase will give you the right to Purchase or Option an available new construction lot that has been released and have a House Plan compatible with the lot constructed at the Phase pricing that was in effect at the time you paid your Allotment Fee once the released lot has been Called and approved for construction.


Our opening prices start out low and all of our price increases are determined in advance.

What that meas is when the price of a lot or house goes up by $1,000 your Allotment option increases in value 10 fold, or by $1,000, and 100 fold when it goes up by $10,000, or by $10,000.

If you elect to purchase your released lot when it is Called you can take it down for immediate construction or defer the construction start date.

If you are deferring the start of construction there may be financing available for your lot purchase and you can schedule construction up to 3 years out at the Phase pricing that was in effect at the time you paid your Allotment Fee.

If you elect to purchase an Option at the current option price when your lot is Called your lot will go to the next Allotment holder and you will be assigned another released lot waiting to be Called.

Current option prices are $100 per each Allotment lot and there are 3 lot price increases per Phase. Each price increase on your lot requires you as an Allotment holder to make a Purchase or Option election.

If you paid your Allotment Fee during the beginning of Phase I, but elect not to take your purchase down until the start of Phase III, you will have paid $700 for your Allotment & Options ($100 Allotment Fee & 6 @ $100 Option Fees) in order to pay Phase I Pricing for your Lot and House that is now valued at Phase III prices.

To illustrate the example above let's take a look at Tier I Phase Pricing and use the lowest base price model in our example;

Tier I Phase Prices:  Phase I = $320K - $475K -

Phase II = $350K - $510K - Phase III = $380K - $550K

That means your $100 Phase I Allotment Fee entitles you to Purchase or Option a base model at $320,000 when your Allotment is called for. You can opt to Purchase the lot or purchase an Option, or your Allotment just expires if you do nothing.

If you elect to extend your option 6 times at the current $100 option price and Purchase at the start of Phase III as noted above; you exercise your Option at your $320,000 Price, but the Phase III Price and Value is $380,000 providing you $60,000 equity in return for your $700 investment.

That's on 1 Allotment over 2 Phases, so you can see why many Clients will pick up the maximum number of Allotments that their tenure as a Client will allow. (and why we limit availability)

Allotments are not available to the public and are limited to 25 each for Clients with less than 10 years in, and to 10 each for others who have at least 5 years in, and to 5 each for all others. Any Associates that are not also Clients are not eligible.

The allotment agreements will be sent out after they are completed and payment is in.

(investors and speculators welcome, missing the Allotments is a costly mistake)

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We build with Wally Walls virtually everywhere we can, see: and you will quickly understand why.
(and you will be thankful we do for years after you move in)

To find plan ideas for your dream house get with your Associate or visit one of our preferred providers like: