You are on this page because you are be seeking a new career or income opportunity that brought you here.

While you are here we do have a simple question to ask you;

Are you working too hard, but earning too little?

. . . just Think about your last job for a moment . . .

That question has been asked before . . .

Recently over 5,000 people were surveyed and asked if they felt that they were working too hard, but earning too little.

How would you answer that survey question?

Well, . . . How would you have answered that survey question if asked?

The question itself brings to mind the common greeting we would get when we were younger: "are you working hard?, or hardly working?
We have been around quite a while so
the survey results were not a surprise to us;

86.4% of the 5,000 people said they were working too hard compared to what they earned.

We were all there at one time, are you still there?

In the conventional job world many people do more work than what they get paid for, while some do less work than what they get paid for.

Those are the slackers which won't last, along with a select few who get paid for more than the work that they do, and do much less work.

That is normal but often it is not an equitable balance with the administrative, clerical, customer service, and low to mid level managers ending up with pay on the short end all too often.

The result is someone usually ends up unhappy, which over time can lead to unnecessary turnover or termination.

Personnel turnover is bad for business and should be avoided which we learned to do over the years and found a way to bring an equitable balance to the work vs pay equation.

When was the last time you had a job, or for that matter even heard of one that was more fun, more interesting, and more educational than it was work?

One that could make a difference for the better in the lives of both Clients and the Associates that assist them over the short term, & ongoing over the long term where Clients and Associates stay for years because they want to, even with the option, & ability to retire early which many do take.

We make no promises but over the years we've developed hundreds & thousands of people who will swear those types of roles do in fact exist.

You see for years we have run an incubator for developing people and deals and we are ready to incubate our next batch.

But to be fair we must warn you; it does require good communication skills, the ability to do simple tasks well, and most importantly, a willingness to think differently, and see things from another perspective.

That is simple, but it is not easy.

If you're a conventional conformist
you're not going to fit in.

If you just want or need a job you are not who we are looking for.

If you want a good job with a future you may be someone we want to talk to, see our take on a good job here: 

But if you are looking for a real opportunity to earn a good income that can lead to a new career you can stick with for life, we do want to talk to you.

Complete your application now.

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We provide 3 types of income opportunities;

Supplemental Income – Short Term Commitment

Career Change – Long Term Commitment

Gradual Transition to New Career – Short Term Probation – Long Term Commitment

Our Income Opportunities are in the following areas;

Finance - Health & Wellness - Marketing - Real Estate - Tech

Available Work Categories

Admin/Clerical - Marketing/Management - Sales/Marketing

Executive Level - Entrepreneur/Business Owner

When you are an employee, your boss, his boss, his boss, and her boss, take 95% of every dollar of value you and every other employee create.

That is their right. They are the ones at risk. But you should try to earn a bigger % of the value you create.

Entrepreneurship and Ownership are the best ways to make money in today's world and to earn a bigger % of the value you create.

Being an Entrepreneur is the easiest and least costly entry point, but you must avoid the wrong assumptions most candidates make; assuming Entrepreneurs take a lot of risk. That is wrong, it is a myth.

Entrepreneurs don't take risk. They do the opposite, they avoid it.

The risk is the salaried employee in an economy with shrinking corporations, more outsourcing, more automation, who get their stable paycheck and every month risk being laid off or fired because they confuse stability with security.

If you don't have a problem with solutions to problems that may be outside of the conventional box, we are expanding and seeking to add good people in the following areas:

   Administrative & Client Service

   Recruiting & Training

   Marketing & Public Relations

   Sales & Management



Income for each of our roles is above average, and so are the people we seek.

Promotion is from within and seniority does not matter.

< < < Orange tab on the left is Your secure & confidential application complete it to start the screening process; your first step to a bright future.

Another word of war
ning: You must try out to earn a spot on our Team. We do not accept everyone or take just anyone, we have a screening process and not everyone that applies will qualify

If you make the Team to start; we only offer part time roles on a 90 day probationary basis in our Earn while you Learn Basic Training Program.

Then if you pass probation a choice must be made and a plan established to transition to a full time career, or you can remain limited in the Administrative & Client Service part time role which is our only part time role available.

As long as you make it through Basic Training, and your 90 day probation, the odds are extremely good that you will never want or need a job again, and you will be the only one standing between you financial independence and a secure retirement that can come early if you want.

< < < Orange tab on the left is Your secure & confidential application complete it to start the screening process,
your first step to a bright future. 

A Bright Future awaits you if you just Think and get your application in.

"Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit." ~ Napoleon Hill