It's only natural to have questions about an opportunity and the answers start with an understanding of who and what we are.

Anchor Advisors & Associates has been an incubator for developing people and deals leading the way to Financial Freedom and a secure retirement for Associates and Clients going back more than 50 years. (that's why Associates & Clients stay for years)

If you have a real estate or income problem we have a Program for that. Our Buy Me A House Program and Build Me A House Program are the twin foundation under our house of programs because as a Client you can Get the House (or investment property) and Forget the Bank ever since we first established them more than 40 years ago. Our Buy My House Program and Save My House Program round out our program core.
We are a Private Deal Platform & an Incubator for developing People & Deals.

We have Programs that solve real estate and income problems.

We Facilitate Transactions using our Programs to solve problems. We Do Deals.

We Do Deals for existing long time Clients and don't take on new ones.

Programs allow new Clients to participate as long as they have an Associate.

We're on the Strategic side Associates & Clients are on the Transaction side. It takes both sides to make a deal, it can't be done on just one providing a great opportunity to new Associates to establish your own personal Client base with skilled Advisors handling the deals. Most Clients stay and do deals for years.

We do deals that solve real estate, finance, and income problems utilizing our proprietary Programs that we custom tailor for each Client to do it.

We do have a great opportunity for
appointment setters, apprentices, Associates, Branch Managers, Recruiters, Sales Reps, Team Leaders, interns, students, & more with the same 3 Step Screening Process for all candidates at all levels. 
After you have been referred by someone or have responded to a career opportunity posting your Interview is the first step where basic information is exchanged to determine if there is mutual fit which is now is several parts to make the information exchange less time consuming since an initial interview could run 90 to 120 minutes + travel. 

To take the place of coming down for an initiial Interview the Step 1 Briefing is in
2 parts, Part 1 is the major portion which is to review the Step 1 page in full @ and Part 2 is a 15 Minute Briefing about the newest addition to our business that you need to register for @  or on the Orange Tab - - > on the right.

Our Standard Pre-Interview and Standard Interview Questions are on the < - - Orange Tabs on the left are the first items you want to complete and you will get to the tabs on the right later in the process.

You will probably have a guide to get you through our process that will have some additional questions for you as will the Associate and the Team Leaders you will interact with. 

If you want to access to any of our career opportunities bookmark this page as you will have to complete each of the Orange Tabs to get through our Process.

Comeback to complete as you progress.

Your Orientation will be in several parts as well rather than the full day event it was previously.

Our aim is to make the process more time efficient for everyone including the Candidates who are not suitable who will opt out or be dismissed through the course of The Process. Our part-time earn while you learn Basic Training will benefit all candidates.

If you are one of the Candidates that make it onboard you have a bright future to look forward to after you make it through Basic Training.