Marketing Associates Wanted

We are vastly expanding our marketing department and currently have 18 new Marketing Associate slots to fill and have twice as many Marketing Assistant slots to fill.

As a Marketing Associate your responsibilities will start with providing a one of a kind experience for our prospective clients and associate candidates, our Associates, and our existing Clients. We are looking for someone looking for a long term career, that is a great relationship builder, and you typically can get along with almost anyone. You are not shy and love communication and are not afraid to step out of the box. You can work independently or within a small or large group, and always manage to get the job done. You must be comfortable working with technology and people in a fast paced environment.

You will receive basic training on all of the Programs we work with. We are looking for these individuals to be cross trained through every avenue and aspect since you will be managing multiple responsibilities and Programs. Ideally we are looking for you to be able to take your training and move into a management position as a Program Director or Marketing Director.


Characteristics & Must haves for these roles;

   - Have strong written and verbal communication skills

   - A home office with a good phone & internet connection that enables you to work from home

   - Have a High school Diploma or better

   - Looking for advancement

   - Positive Attitude

   - Learning mentality

   - Looking for a fun atmosphere where you can grow your career

   - Must be seeking a full time career but willing to start part time during your 90 day earn while you learn basic training and probation period so that we can both insure there is a mutual fit before moving to full time.

   - Must be able to commute to the Oak Brook/Lombard, Downers Grove, and Aurora area periodically

   - Must be available on evenings and weekends periodically

We believe that work can and should be fun.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." —Confucius

We're a Private Deal Platform & Incubator to develop People & Deals.

We're real estate investors who completed thousands of deals and successfully retired from the Real Estate & Mortgage Banking business but not from doing deals. We have many Associates & Clients that have been with us over 25 and 30 years, most are retired now but many still do deals to this day.

If you have a real estate or income problem we have a Program for that. Our Buy Me A House Program and Build Me A House Program are two foundation walls under our House of Programs because as a Client you can Get the House (or investment property) and Forget the Bank ever since we first established the programs more than 40 years ago. Our Buy My House Program and Save My House Program are the other 2 foundation walls under the house with our Associate Income & Secure My Retirement Programs as the roof over the house to round out our program core which provides: Unlimited Demand - Limited Supply

After closing to new Clients & Associates a few months prior to 9-11 we are now making room for the Clients and Associates we haven't met yet for the first time in years as part of an EPIC Movement with a Mission.

Our Mission is to Make A Difference

We transform properties and lives using our House of Programs to solve real estate and income problems creating Affordable Housing to empower families and individuals to follow the well worn path to achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership, an above average income, and create a secure retirement to fulfill our Mission to Make A Difference 1 person and 1 property at a time using our Client for Life model, House of Programs and Private Deal Platform to do it.

We've teamed up on our Movement with Investor Entourage to add some relative youth and freshness to our established core to provide for more longevity at the senior level. Become part of our EPIC Movement and you will make a positive difference for yourself and others.
When we first started in real estate we had no choice but to get good at marketing fast, it was the only way to earn a living when the typical home cost under $20,000 because even at a 7% to 10% commission (which was common at the time) it took many deals to run an office and enable our people to earn a decent living.

That is why we added commercial & investor deals and project based inventory to augment the conventional residential listing and selling so all of our people had the opportunity to earn an above average income and have repeat clients.
As we got good at marketing over time we did find one problem with project based listing inventory; 'the better we did our job, the sooner we didn't have one', as in we would run out of inventory to sell which can and did happen often, then it was on to the next project.

As we vastly expand our marketing department to accomode our needs and growth in video, social media, and technology that did not exist in our BC (before computer) roots we seek younger people with the aptitude and skills to serve our needs and open up marketing services for outside clients too providing even more opportunity for talented Marketing and Sales Associates to grow and prosper.
We have The Process that we adopted and have used exclusively since the mid 70's that enabled us to complete over 10,000 deals prior to retiring from the real estate and mortgage banking business prior to 9-11 that we are adapting to allow the next generations to exceed what we accomplished.

One big marketing advantage you have today that we did not is HGTV which generates interest in many of the things we have been doing in real life for the past 40+ years for and with our Clients.

We are looking for stable individuals who love working with people and are looking to expand their skills & role in order to better their short term and long term financial position. This position provides you with all the things you love about marketing just with less problems, better pay & benefits, and far more opportunity.