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    Anchor Advisors & Associates is a marketing and sales group that is an Independent Client Funded Association of people and entities that has been an incubator for developing people and deals leading the way to Financial Freedom and a secure retirement for Associates and Clients going back more than 50 years. (that's why Associates & Clients stay for years)

   We're real estate investors who completed thousands of deals and successfully retired from the Commercial Real Estate & Mortgage Banking business but not from doing deals. We have many Associates & Clients that have been with us over 25 and 30 years, most are retired now but many still do deals to this day.

   We're an Incubator for People & Deals & a Private Deal Platform.

   Our Movement is on a Mission to enable 10,000 Associates across the county to earn $100,000+/yr changing the lives of new Clients & new Associate's following a well worn path to Financial Freedom and a secure retirement utilizing our Programs, Private Deal Platform, & Resources to do it to serve our  Mission to Make A Difference.

    We've teamed up on our Movement with Inspire Capital Partners, Inspire Financial Partners, and Inspire Realty Partners to form our network and add some relative youth and freshness to our established core in order to make maximum impact and provide for more longevity at the senior level as we continue to expand our network and spread across the country continuing our mission.

   Inspire covers hands on field training, real estate brokerage, and more, Anchor provides Programs, a Private Client Portal, and a Private Deal Platform. See if you can qualify to join us.

Our primary Proprietary Programs are displayed below.
As the Anchor Programs are displayed take note of the 2 or 3 Programs that resonate with you the most.

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Our ideal Client is 25 years old+, married or in a committed relationship with 1 or more children who would like to achieve Financial Freedom sooner rather than later. The Sooner you start the sooner you will arrive, but we can help those that need to play 'catch up' too.
You will find some of our posted Income & Career Opportunities below.

Note: The application we need you to complete is on the < - - -  Orange Tab on the left on this page.

Click our < - - Anchor Associate Application for the Associate, CSR, Branch, Recruiter, & Trainee  & Real Estate Intern roles.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT APPLY FOR MORE THAN 1 POSTED ROLE our < - - Application Form on the left is where you can express your interest in other roles.

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The application we need you to complete is on the < - - -  Anchor Associate Application Orange Tab on the left on this page.

NOTE: Application opens in a window when you click the tab.

Note: Please help us help you by not applying to more than 1 role, when you complete our application you will see a place to check which other roles you have an interest in.

    If you are seeking something to tide you over, a summer internship, or just something to add to your resume you are not who we are looking for. We are looking for serious candidates seeking a long term career in our Client for Life model once they learn and earn in our earn while you learn training.

   We are seeking stable people looking for a secure career path and we have found the best way to achieve our objective on a mutually beneficial basis is to restrict all new Associates to a part-time participation for the first 90 days as a probationary period where we mutually determine if we are a good fit for each other in our informal Earn while you Learn training.

   We work with Clients for Life and have many long time Associates and Clients, so if you are unemployed and just looking for a job you are not who we are looking for.

   Our ideal candidate is 25 years old+, married or in a committed relationship with 1 or more children, although stable and single candidates are also acceptable.


   "Get a good education so you can get a good job" is the advice we all got while growing up. As adults it should be clear a good job is not the answer, and that age old advice is a myth because specialized knowledge & applied action is your answer to obtain a 6 Figure Income & the ability to secure your future.

   So, if you are looking for a career with 6 figure potential, and one that can lead you to freedom from W-2 wage slavery, one with a well worn path to Financial Freedom that you can follow to get there yourself without having to wait 40 years to arrive, then you just might be one of the people we are looking for.

   When you complete our application we will have a better idea if your are the type of person we are looking for, and if you pass the initial screening process and get a spot in our earn while you learn training you will get a better idea yourself.

Good Luck!

P.S Use the Step 1 Briefing button below to get a good overview.

Joe Dorner, Senior Advisor & Advisory Board Member

Anchor Advisors & Associates & Partner @ Inspire Capital Partners

The application we need completed is on the < - - -  Orange Tab on the left on this page click our Anchor Associate Application