It's only natural to have questions about an opportunity and the answers start with an understanding of who and what we are.

Anchor Advisors & Associates is an Independent Client Funded Association of people and entities that has been an incubator for developing people and deals leading the way to Financial Freedom and a secure retirement for Associates and Clients going back more than 50 years. (that's why Associates & Clients stay for years)

If you have a real estate or income problem we have a Program for that. Our Buy Me A House Program and Build Me A House Program are the twin foundation under our house of programs because as a Client you can Get the House (or investment property) and Forget the Bank ever since we first established them more than 40 years ago. Our Buy My House Program and Save My House Program round out our program core.
We are a Private Deal Platform & an Incubator for developing People & Deals.

We have Programs that solve real estate and income problems.

We Facilitate Transactions using our Programs to solve problems. We Do Deals.

We Do Deals for existing long time Clients and don't take on new ones.

Programs allow new Clients to participate as long as they have an Associate.

As an Associate you are either part of a team where you earn based on the work you do for your Clients or for the Clients of other Associates on your team, or you are a team leader and you earn based on the work you and your team do for all team Clients.

We're on the Strategic side Associates & Clients are on the Transaction side. It takes both sides to make a deal, it can't be done on just one providing a great opportunity to new Associates to establish your own personal Client base with skilled Advisors handling the deals. Most Clients stay and do deals for years.

We do deals that solve real estate, finance, and income problems utilizing our proprietary Programs which you can see in the slide show below that we custom tailor for each Client to do it.
As the Programs go by see if you see any that just by the Program Name would not be of use and value to any Client or potential client.

So you can see we have a Program that can solve many real estate and income problems.

Take to minutes or less right now to let us know the 2 or 3 Programs that are your favorites and rate our Program selection here:

Doing so will give you the best chance to get an actual interview.

We do have a great opportunity for appointment setters, apprentices, Associates, Branch Managers, Recruiters, Sales Reps, Team Leaders, interns, students, & more with the same 3 Step Screening Process for all candidates at all levels.

After you have been referred by someone or have responded to a career opportunity posting your Interview is the first step where basic information is exchanged to determine if there is mutual fit which is now is several parts to make the information exchange less time consuming since an initial interview could run 90 to 120 minutes + travel. 
To take the place of coming down for an initial Interview the Step 1 Briefing is in 2 parts, Part 1 is to complete our Pre-Interview & Standard Interview Questions on the < - - Orange Tab on the left and Part 2 is to review the Anchor Program video & Inspire Business Brief video in the playlist below.

You may have a guide to get you through our process that will have some additional questions for you as will the Associate and the Team Leaders you will interact with.

We only provide 3 types of income opportunities;


    Supplemental Income – Long Term Commitment

    Career Change – Long Term Commitment

    Gradual Transition to New Career – Short Term Probation – Long Term Commitment

We work in the Client For Life business model and prefer long term people to serve long time Clients and in our expansion we are only seeking people willing to make a Commitment to one of those 3 types of income opportunities.

As a matter of course in our mutual best interest we start all Candidates that make it though our 3 Step Screening Process on a part time 90 day probation period in our earn while you learn basic training program.

If you want to access to any of our career opportunities bookmark this page as you will have to complete each of the Orange Tabs to get through our Process.

Comeback to complete the tabs as you progress.

Important note: If you have responded to one of our Recruiting, Marketing, Branch Manager Trainee, or CSR roles we will be utilizing your talents to help us handle the responses and help us refine this process should you make it to Commitment and Basic Training.

Note from Joe: The Pre-Interview Questions you see on the orange tab on the left you should ask in your initial screening call which should be as soon after response as possible. You can ask the standard interview questions via a zoom call.

In many cases early in our recruiting process I may be the primary or perhaps only person you hear from. That is not the right way to recruit, but until we have some new Associates to assist in the screening and recruiting process that will be all there is time for until we can get a few people onboard to assist since I'm retired and will not be leading a team. I will be available in masterminds and to train team leaders in The Process.

If you are not 100% satisfied with where you are at it is important you realize that to improve your life you will have to change something.

Your Orientation will be in several parts as well rather than the full day event it was previously. Your Orientation started on our Careers page, as did our screening process.

We want to know how well you can follow simple instructions even when the information or intention may not be perfectly clear to you.

We also want to know how well you pay attention, our process provides that insight to us.

Our aim is to make the process more time efficient for everyone including the Candidates who are not suitable who will opt out or be dismissed through the course of The Process. Our part-time earn while you learn Basic Training will benefit all candidates.

If you are one of the Candidates that make it onboard you have a bright future to look forward to after you make it through Basic Training.

Who knows, you may even get to learn how to flip a house. Flip
Our Programs Slide Show above featured our Core Programs and gave you an idea of some of our most popular and commonly used Programs that we custom tailor to fit each individual Client to meet their own unique circumstances & objectives. If they've got a real estate or income problem, the odds are very good that we have a Program for that.

As one of our Associates you are part of the triage team that will obtain the symptoms and history and from your Client and then assist with the prescription after you receive the Client's diagnosis and the prescribed solution(s).

Our Advisors are the Deal Doctors that diagnose & prescribe the proper Program combination from information, history, & symptoms supplied by you and your Client. As an Associate you function as a guide & advocate for your Clients that you can keep for life. The lifetime value of each Client to you as an Associate can be very substantial.

A personal note from Joe Dorner: As one of the original Deal Doctors, the youngest of our Founding Fathers, and the last one standing at the podium I can tell you from my involvement in thousands of deals the lifetime value of 1 Client to you can be very substantial. Having personally interviewed thousands of candidates over the years for our various projects using The Process to sell them out I can tell you 2 things; 1. there is no good substitute for and in person interview, 2. in-spite of that, it just is not possible to predict a candidate's potential. I have had people that should have been great turn out to be duds, and others that seemed to be nothing special turn out to be stars.

   That is why we have a 90 day probation period, it gives both you and us a good chance to see if we are a match.

Joe has agreed to teach The Process which has been responsible for recruiting thousands of Associates and selling out quite a few projects over the years creating many hundreds of millions of dollars in sales to 1 last class so it can be recorded and turned into a course that is made available for training purposes and for sale. If you want to build a team you should obtain that training. (live if possible) Joe will be facilitating a Mastermind on The Process in our community for gold members.

To learn  about the Real Estate Intern role & more see:


We're pretty choosy about who we accept and you need to take the time to learn a little about us and what we do so time is not wasted on basic info which you can do at the link above and then go here: Register to view the presentation put Joe Dorner in Introduced by.

Do take the time to go through the 2 links above so you have a better idea of the opportunity.
Let me know once you have registered and give me some feedback after the presentation. Thanks in advance.



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The Real Estate Briefing & Introduction are part of your Orientation so that you get a good overview and we can have a meaningful conversation.

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