We picture a world where you rest easy knowing you can retire securely.

My Vision for Anchor Advisors & Associates
Hence Anchor's Vision

By Joe Dorner,  Anchor's Youngest Founding Father
(and the last one active until I retire for the 5th and final time later this year)

Senior. Advisor & Advisory Board Member
Anchor Advisors & Associates
‚ÄčExecutive Producer of Chicago's Got Talent TV Show
Partner at Inspire Capital Partners

   Our Movement is on a Mission to enable 10,000 Associates across the county to earn $100,000+/yr changing the lives of new Clients & new Associate's following a well worn path to Financial Freedom and a secure retirement utilizing our Proprietary Programs, Private Deal Platform, & Resources to do it to serve our  Mission to Make A Difference.
   Our Programs Slide Show below features our Core Programs and will give you an idea of some of our most popular and commonly used Programs that we custom tailor to fit each individual Client to meet your own unique circumstances & objectives. If you've got a real estate or income problem, the odds are very good that we have a Program for that.
   Our Programs evolved over the years & will continue to evolve, so you will be able utilize them for years to take you where you want to go as an Associate or Client. Long timers are both, newcomers quickly find out why,

   As the youngest of the Anchor Founding Fathers and the last man standing at the podium with long term roots I want to share my vision for the future of Anchor Advisors & Associates which hence becomes Our Vision.

   We have always been an independent Client funded Association of people and entities who do deals seeking Financial Freedom sooner rather than later, and I see a need for a subtle shift in order in order to provide a better opportunity for new Associates & Clients and assured sustainability for future generations.

   In retrospect, I believe that effective a few months before 9-11, a more accurate description of Anchor would be an Independent Associate and Client funded Association of people and entities who do deals seeking Financial Freedom sooner rather than later since an Associate is needed in order to become a Client and the most successful Associates are also Clients.

   Our core group of Advisors and Associates stopped accepting new Clients and Associates in the late spring of 2001 and most are now retired.

   We don't accept new Clients without an Associate which creates a bottle neck for new Clients and an incredible opportunity for new Associates.

   Since Financial Freedom is the end objective Associates, Clients and most people want to achieve regardless of what problem they initially came to us to solve for them. Ownership can and should provide additional incentives to remain a participant once Financial Freedom is achieved.

   That has proved to be a big Catch-22; to become a Client you need an Associate, and Associate's reach their capacity faster than new ones can be added.

   That has proved to be our biggest challenge to solve to date; when you don't need the money to live your life, and your Clients and Associates are all educated and self sufficient, there is little incentive for you to pay it forward any more than you already have, and we were remiss in not requesting or requiring a commitment to help 'Pay it Forward' in the past. 

    We've had a hard time mustering support from Sr. Associates & Advisors to add more Associates & Clients ever since as they do not want or need more work or more money and they did not make that commitment.

   I made that Commitment to the Sr. Founding Father in the late 80's when he retired for the 2nd time, (1st was 1981) and I feel it should be extended. In order to make that possible, Business Automation will play a big role.

   Personally if we don't add any more Associates and they don't add any more Clients it's not going to make any difference to me. I'm not going to lose any sleep or miss any meals.

   Actually, quite the opposite, it will free up a lot of time I can put to better use since I am not adding anyone to my team, like spending time with family, friends, travel, and on my pet projects, but I did make the commitment to the Sr Founding Father.

   Because we pictured a world where our Clients could rest easy knowing they can retire securely.

   Since just after 9-11 I have worked on plugging the voids in the Anchor Model and this subtle shift to Associate & Client ownership should provide ample incentive for Associates & Clients to remain involved to one extent or another more than they have in the past.

   One of many recent additions I made was to create the Anchor Asset Farm where we will grow small and large assets for the Farm Hands to participate in for life. (with the proper stipulations) Hence the call for WP Associates.

   I also added a Business Services unit to provide Programs and Services to Businesses that can bring value in excess of cost with new Platforms, product & service offerings, and new strategic alliances.

   See: https://anchoraa.evsuite.com/media which is a work in progress for an example that has really started to blossom.

    The addition of the Anchor Advisors & Associates Business Services Unit brings a B2B set of Programs to Anchor's primarily B2C Program lineup which will enhance the opportunity for new & existing Associates & new & existing Clients.

   That addition is long overdue and we missed a big time opportunity in the early 80's because we thought B2B would be a distraction we didn't need. (if you get selected to come onboard ask me about it) Which obviously is not the case since we created our model for repeat deals for Clients rather than just 1 house from early on based on commercial principles.

   The TV and Video opportunity we have today is an important part of our future we couldn't have, and wouldn't have even imagined years ago when we were up to our necks in deals.

   Deals are great, nothing beats the feeling of earning a big chuck of money. But they can take some time so it's always good to have smaller amounts coming in regularly so you don't have to eat with your deal money.

  We have provided the opportunity for you, now it is up to you as a new Associate to take advantage of it, if you are up for the challenge, and willing to make a commitment so that you can survive and go on to thrive in these times of economic uncertainty.

   If you're not willing to make commitment to give 100% part-time for your 90 day probation period I don't want to know you, I don't have the time or patience for you if you are not willing to commit.
   Don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean you can't.have a role here, it just means you can't be on the A Team because I don't like a lack of commitment, not worth a time investment by me.
   I see a need to dramatically raise the prices for new Clients to provide more service and better opportunities for all. This will provide a big raise to Associate income levels so they can provide more service for new Clients while they need it and additional incentive to stay committed and help the next generations find and realize  the same opportunity they have had with the assistance of technology.

   You can expect to see our prices increase anywhere from 20% to 80% or even more across our entire line.

   This is due to 3 factors;

1. Rising Costs

2. Improving Technology

3. Aging & Retirement of Associates & our Sr. Core

   The Value of our Programs, Platform, & Process has gone up immensely as a result of supply & demand plus inflation which is once again like it was in the 70's.

   The numbers of people with a Real Estate or Income Problem have increased geometrically while the supply of people with the Specialized Knowledge to solve those problems willing to help has decreased significantly.

   We've gone from over 1,300 active Associates at our peak and as projects got completed or sold out and as Associates passed away or retired the numbers eventually dwindled down to just over 200 prior to 9-11 and the Mortgage Meltdown when we closed to new Associates and new Clients.

   Most people are too busy earning a living to ever make any money.

   Our Associate Income Program can help you right that wrong to benefit you and your family.

  As an Associate you are either part of a team where you earn based on the work you do for your Clients or for the Clients of other Associates on your team, or you are a Team Leader and you earn based on the work you and your team do for all team Clients.

   Our RevShare model has a more than ample allowance for Processing a Client deal plus it has an ample Associate Margin that allows you as an Associate to pay to have most of the work done for you and profit handsomely with the assistance.
   I see keeping our Programs, deal centered focus, the Private Deal Platform, and our ancillary support products and services intact since they are what allow us to fulfill our Mission to Make A Difference and give people the ability to be self sufficient.

   However I do see moving the Anchor Programs and Private Deal Platform under 1 corporate or REIT umbrella that will be predominately Associate and Client owned, with a possible future IPO in order to provide more opportunity and assure sustainability for generations.

   With the current economic conditions I have started the preparations for several new Opportunity Funds to raise mire capital some of we will turn into REITs so we are positioned properly to take advantage of key real estate and mortgage opportunities.

   Being able to get in pre-IPO has historically provided life changing financial opportunities for early participants if all goes well, of course the other side of that coin is it is up to the new Associates and new leadership to make it happen.
   The Process has been the one constant in our 50 year evolution and has been responsible for generating billions of dollars in revenue as we evolved so it will be a process we automate to extent possible and practical.
   I enlisted the assistance of a top Bot Builder to make Anchor Bot Charlie a/ka ABC a functional reality that can help make a difference.
  Anchor Bot Charlie a/ka ABC already exists and has a number of skills but he's just a bot and is still learning and will keep learning everyday and continue to get more knowledgeable and valuable.

    In order to facilitate this vision in addition to engaging some key assistance I have set up an Anchor Financial Network Community that will be our own private place to hang out that is outside of social media which is distracting at best.

   To keep our Anchor Financial Network Community a safe place for everyone it is private and admission is by invitation only, you must be invited by another member to be allowed in, once you are in you can invite others, so we stay private and can keep the membership costs reasonable.

   The Community will be where we move our training, hold events, hold masterminds, & more so if you have any aspirations to become an Associate or Client I suggest you request an invitation.

   Only if I see enough interest will I participate in the trainings and masterminds otherwise I will just go back to retirement and spend time with family and assist existing long term Clients as needed as I still get plenty of calls even though they are self sufficient and don't really need my help, but I can usually save them some time and money which they like.

   So join as a Founding Member or request an invitation so you can help us shape the community.

   Founding Members are capped at 250. We will open the Community once we have 50 Founding Members. 

   I'm the first Founding Member and I have purchased the $149 Gold Annual Membership which I will maintain.

   So grab the Founding Memberships and get the Wealth Breakthroughs interviews bonus and point your future in the right direction.

   We will be seeking new leadership to help launch our Community and our official Grand Reopening and take our new and improved Anchor model to market and work towards an IPO.

To learn more and be able to take the next step see:

Important note from Joe Dorner: We are at the initial stages of what will arguably be the largest wealth transfer in history that we have been preparing for behind the scenes. That is going to happen with you or without you. Join our Community so you can learn how to get your share of it without risk or significant effort by following our lead.

That sure beats being on the outside looking in.

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