This is our first real recruiting effort in more than 30 years and the first one where we are seeking a significant number of new Associate trainees in over 35 years to enable us and them to be able to accept new Clients since an Associate is required in order to become a Client.

All of our people are first and foremost Associates regardless of any additional role they may play, even our Advisors, Advisory Board, Consultants, Program Directors & other managers are Associates so they don't have to consume deal income to pay living expenses.
We are only seeking stable people looking for a long term full-time career and have found the best way to achieve that objective on a mutually beneficial basis is to restrict new Associate trainees to part-time participation for a 90 day probationary period where we mutually determine if we are a good fit for each other in an informal Earn while you Learn training capacity that requires a Commitment from you to enter.

Make your Commitment with the < -  - orange tabs on the left start with the top one, then the one below it for your Commitment Agreement.

You will pick up some deal knowledge while you earn if you pay attention, and we do have some earn and learn programs available.

But if we don't have your commitment, you can't start, earn, or learn.
You will give up on you before we give up on you, and that is the original reasoning behind the Commitment Fee and our tuition reimbursement program which work well.

"Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit." ~ Napoleon Hill

Your $400.00 Associate Commitment Fee on the original 1 & done payment plan is there to insure you don't give up on yourself. (
the same since 1978 and less then Joe's hourly rate)
We need your Commitment not your money, (it is reimbursed over time) you need some 'skin in the game', so if you are Committed to earning 6 figures and have made the wise choice to become an Associate pay your Associate Commitment Fee below.

We need your Commitment not your money, if you are not fully committed to finishing what you start just opt out now.

If you are not willing to invest in yourself or a business, just get a job, an Associate may be wiling to throw you some contract work.

Associate Commitment Fee $400

In the event the $400 Commitment Fee poses a hardship for you, remember nothing meaningful in life comes easy, but if your hardship is real you can explore our payment plan options farther below.
The sooner you start the sooner you can start seeing results but if we can't have your Commitment you can't start. You need to have some 'skin in the game' for us to help you.

Associate Commitment Agreement

< < < Orange Tabs have your  Associate Commitment Agreement that needs to be executed.

What is the difference between a Committed Associate and a Fully Committed Associate?

First, a Committed Associate is an Associate who has committed to enter our earn while you learn Basic Training Program and has paid their $400 Associate Commitment Fee. (reimbursed through our Tuition Reimbursement Program)

A Fully Committed Associate has also become an Inspire Acquisition Intern.

A Fully Committed Associate has assured his or her success by being able to participate in all or most of the income streams we have available some of which you will not even learn about until after you are onboard.

The sooner you start the sooner you can start seeing results.

No Purchase of any type is required to enter Basic Training, however, we have found over the years that those that do best are a product of the product and obtain the education, security, & tools they need for their family, future, and what they want to accomplish in life.

But we do need your Commitment
which you can give with the Orange Tabs on the left and/or the buttons below.

Payment Plans for the Associate Commitment fee have Never been offered before, but Now for the first time we do have payment plans available.

When you don't need a job to earn an income, you are Financially Free and you're not hungry, so you only work when and if you WANT to, not because you have to, which is why we're short of Associates, and will be forever, as most people have better uses for their time (like family, friends, & hobbies) than going to work when they don't have to. (wouldn't you?) We have a well worn path to help get you there.

Joe Says: read that paragraph above slowly and out loud 2 to 5 times to really get the message. When you do 'get it' don't wait for us to follow up or chase you, you'll be in for a very long wait, unless you are dealing with a rookie, which is OK as soon they will be the only ones you'll be able to talk to if you're not a Team Leader or Manager and soon rookies will have more people to talk to than time to talk to them too, that's an ongoing challenge due to demand for what we do. I do have a Vision of how to change that for the better.

In the event the $400 Commitment Fee poses a hardship for you, remember nothing meaningful in life comes easy, but if your hardship is real you can explore our payment plan options below.

Payment Plans Associate Commitment Fee

2 pay $75 + 2 @ $175

- - - - or- - - -

3 Pay $50 + 3 @ $125

Note: There is a $25 convenience fee included with these payment plans.

If you want or need smaller payments your options are:

4 pay $50 + 4 @ $100

- - - - or - - - -

6 pay $50 + 6 @ $67.50

Note: There is a $50 or $55 convenience fee respectively included with these payment plans.

If for some reason the payment plans above are not affordable your only other options are to go out and find somewhere else where you can find a real six figure potential career that does not require you to make a commitment or choose the 10 Pay below.

10 Pay $75 + 10 @ $40

Note: There is a $75 convenience fee with this option

To really understand commitment in the playlist below play Star Spangled Banner as you never heard it before.

It's on if you have any problem getting it to play. It is a video everyone needs to see and hear.

You will understand commitment that is full and true & it is one you will never forget.