FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a prospective associate candidate for any role or a prospective client with a real estate or income problem everything you Need to Know, some things that are Good to Know, and some of what you may Want to Know is on this FAQ page which will updated regularly as time and manpower allows.

If you are an existing Client your Associate can help you get any answers you can't find here along with answers to specific deal related questions from the Advisor on the deal.

About Joe Dorner

   Joe is a Senor Advisor, Member of the Advisory Board, Anchor's youngest Founding Father and mans the Deal or No Deal window for our Private Deal Platform.

   He's a retired builder, commercial mortgage banker, developer, investor, remodeling contractor, and one of the original Deal Doctors who has written 5 Books including 1 with Brian Tracy.

   He's a Partner with Inspire Capital Partners, and Executive Producer of Chicago's Got Talent.

  He's retired and not building an Associate team, but is seeking people with leadership capabilities that want to build a team to increase their efficiency & income for an Accelerated Development Program.

Note from Joe Dorner;

   We had an in-depth FAQ & web presence that was started in 2009 and grew pretty big over the next 5 or 6 years with contributions from me and some of the other Founding Fathers and Senior Advisors. (yes we survived and thrived for years without a web presence)

   The web presence was built with a PHP version that was subsequently discontinued and eventually ceased to work and as a result well over 800 pages of content were lost a good portion of which would still be good today. (principles don't change)

   Since principles don't change I am giving you access to 3 Resources that will have a positive effect on your life here: 3 Resources < - - - Click link - Use Back Arrow to return <--

   Grab the 3 Resources now you will need all 3 for training and they can each be valuable to you even if you don't make it on an Anchor Team.

Under 60 yrs old?- here's a special message for you: 60 - < - - - click link - use Back Arrow to return <--

   This new FAQ will need to have the build out completed by new Associates from common questions that they receive.

   I started with a few below that can be added to by you. I've done far more than my share over the years.

   Being the youngest Founding Father was a badge of honor in my late 20's & early 30's but staring at 70 before 2022 comes to an end it is a painful reminder of how much I missed by doing far more than my share.

   I've done everything I can to assure that is not what's in store for you, I'm going back to doing deals so you need to step up and commit, come onboard, roll up your sleeves & go to work.

   We've had a hard time mustering support from Sr. Associates & Advisors to add more Associates & Clients as they do not want or need more work or more money and they did not make that commitment.

  That has proved to be our biggest challenge to solve to date; when you don't need the money to live your life, and your Clients and Associates are all educated and self sufficient, there is little incentive for you to pay it forward any more than you already have, and we were remiss in not requesting or requiring a commitment to help 'Pay it Forward' in the past. 

  If you will do more than your fair share over the next 5 years by doing what I and other senior Advisors & Associates don't want to do, you will be able to do what others can't afford to do for the rest of your life.

   You can take that to the bank, it's been done in worse conditions that started BC. (before computer) So if you can't do it starting in 2022 you're the problem, the Principles didn't change.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

“Learning is rooted in repetition and convexity, meaning that the reading of a single text twice is more profitable than reading two different things once.
– Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Lebanese-American essayist and scholar

Buy Me A House Program FAQ

Q Can you really Buy Me A House?

A The short answer is yes.

All we need to know is the Who, What, Where, When, & Why and we will work out the How within your budget.

You can give us the key info on our App Page

If you are seeking a home to live in see our Homeapp Page

Build Me A House Program FAQ

Q Can you really Build Me A House?

A The short answer is yes.

All we need to know is the Who,  What, Where, When, & Why and we will work out the How within your budget.

You can give us the key info on our App Page

If you are seeking a home to live in see our Homeapp Page

Buy My House Program FAQ

Q Can you really Buy My House as-is on my schedule and save me the real estate commission?

A The short answer is yes.

All we need to know is the Who,  What, Where, When, & Why and we will work out the How.

You can give us the key info on our App Page

Save My House Program FAQ

Q Can you really Save My House from foreclosure or other problems?

A The short answer is yes.

All we need to know is the Who,    What, Where, When, & Why and we will work out the How.

You can give us the key info on our App Page

Fix My Loan Program FAQ

Q Can you really Fix My Loan?

A The short answer is more than likely yes.

All we need to know is the Who, What, Where, When, & Why and we will work out the How.

You can give us the key info on our App Page

Fix My House Program FAQ

Q Can you really Fix My House?

A The short answer is yes.

All we need to know is the Who, What, Where, When, & Why and we will work out the How within your budget.

You can give us the key info on our App Page

Fund My Deal Program FAQ

Q Can you really Fund My deal?

A The short answer is yes, as long as the deal makes sense.

All we need to know is the Who   What Where, When, & Why and we will work out the How.

You can give us the key info on our App Page

Trade My House Program FAQ

Q Will you really take my house in trade towards a new house or a newly renovated house?

A The short answer is yes.

All we need to know is the Who, What Where, When, & Why and we will work out the How within your budget.

You can give us the key info on our App Page

Deal FAQ

Doing deals is a participatory sport, not a spectator sport and we have gone to great lengths to maintain the privacy of our Associates and Clients.

Q What is the typical deal size?

A They have ranged from as small as $15,000 to over $86,000,000 over the years there is no typical size.

   For Associate income purposes the typical margin on a typical deal is between $30,000 & $40,000 with a minimum of $15,000 and some have been $100,000+ + +.

   That means each deal one of your Clients does can be worth anywhere from an extra $1,500.00 to $10,000.00+ even if all you do in the deal is make the referral.

   The more you do on a deal the more you earn. Some Clients do multiple deals each year, and you can handle quite a few Clients if you are not doing everything yourself.                                                        

Opportunity Fund FAQ

Q. What is an Opportunity Fund

A. Our Opportunity Funds collect capital through our Private Deal Platform that is utilized to fund select safe real estate and mortgage opportunities that can be arranged with above average yields utilizing our Programs.

   There are several funds for Associates and Clients some of which will be converted to REITs to maximize profit distributions.

Q. Can anyone invest in an Opportunity Fund?

A. No. They are only open to Associates or Clients.

Associate Income Program FAQ

Q Can I really earn six figures as an Associate?

A The short answer is yes, and you can even do it Part time!

   One big problem with our Associate Income Program is earning $100,000.00 per year is Easy to Do, however it is also easy Not to do.

  We do have certain things in place to mitigate that fact to increase your odds of success.

   Our Associate Opportunity can enable you to help people and make a difference while picking up some supplemental extra income, give you a whole new career, or a second career. You can start part time, work from home, and grow it into a 6 figure annual income and your own business so you will never need a JOB again.

   As an Associate you are either part of a team where you earn based on the work you do for your Clients or for the Clients of other Associates on your team, or you are a Team Leader and you earn based on the work you and your team do for all team Clients.

   Our RevShare model has a more than ample allowance for Processing a Client deal plus it has an ample Associate Margin that allows an Associate to pay to have most of the work done for them and profit handsomely with a big or small team since 1 is a lonely number.

    You will have the opportunity to do work on behalf of existing Associates & Clients and some prospective clients which you can turn into your own Clients for Life.

    You will start out talking to people who want to sell their home and complete our data form. We can buy their home as is on their schedule saving the real estate commission.

   You will also talk to people with a property for rent, and candidates that responded to one of our open roles and complete the appropriate form.

   You will pick up some deal knowledge while you earn & learn if you pay attention, and our earn and learn programs are available to assist you.

As an Independent Client Funded Association of people and entities that do deals our RevShare program distributes revenue to the people that generate the revenue and to those that are doing the work to produce the results since most Associates build a team to divide the work load so they are working smarter instead of harder.
An Associate may build a team of Independent Contractors (I/C) and/or a team of Associates.

The smart ones do both and go on to become Senior Associates who may build a team of Associates and Independent Contractors (I/C) .


CSR & Appointment Setter & Data Collection Associate information

   Work as a CSR & Appointment Setter and/or Data Collection Associate is important and we do allow permanent part time in the CSR & Appointment Setter & Data Collection Associate roles and if and when you choose to want to advance you will have a 90 day window to make a full time commitment as most other roles require.

   As a CSR & appointment setter there are more than 18 different types of appointments to set and you will be setting 3 or 4 to start.

   As a Data Collection Associate there are more a dozen different data forms to complete and you will deal with 3 or 4 of them to start.

  Our society is rapidly becoming one of "entitlement" which is the dark side of expectations. We have heard some prospective Associates complaining that they are just as good, talented, knowledgeable or experienced as someone who is very successful in their field. They feel "entitled" to more success and expect that simply by being good at what they do, they will reap the rewards.

   We live in a belief-driven universe. The beliefs we have, most of which are unconscious, determine what we see. We are interpreting everything around us through the lens of our own individual Personality Filters, which are really your filters of belief.

   Once you become aware of your filter and beliefs you can change. You will see an abundance of everything you are looking for and realize it was there all along. Everything you want is available to you, but you won't see it until you turn on the perception that allows you to see it.

   The problem is if you think that way you are not engaged in the active pursuit of success.

   Successful Associates are fully engaged. They read one new book a week, take classes, experiment, take risks and take action every day.

   They don't THINK about getting on the ride. They GET on the ride. They don't THINK of getting in the game, they GET in the game. They don't HOPE for or THINK about expanding their business. They become fully ENGAGED in the process of expanding their business.

   You don't do this by just using positive thinking or affirmations like "I know I can". You are not the little engine that could. You are the little engine that DOES! If you don't do, you don't go anywhere or accomplish anything.

Check out our Associate Opportunities here:

   Complete our Anchor Associate Application while you're there when you see an Associate Role that interests you.

Q  I have a resume do I have to complete your Anchor Associate Application Form?

A You would not ask that question if you had been referred by an existing Associate or Client, or had paid attention and followed directions, the  answer is:Yes, otherwise we can't consider you for any role.

   The ability to pay attention and the ability to follow directions is a critical trait for any Associate, those 2 qualities are needed to qualify for any role.

Q Do I have to pay for training?

A No for basic training. There are advanced training programs & masterminds that do have a fee (optional) and some specialized education that does have tuition. Those are covered by our Tuition Reimbursement Program which reimburses you for work related education expenses over and above your pay for work that you complete.

Work from Home FAQ

The work in all of our roles can be done from home, and so can our training as long as you have a quiet place to work with a good reliable phone and internet connection. There is no need in this day and age to be confined to an office.

Role FAQ

All of our roles fall into either the S or B quadrants.

You will be an Independent Contractor in all of our roles with all of the tax and financial benefits that come with it. In business for yourself but not by yourself and living life on your own terms as you work taking care of business every day and building your business as you choose to.
   You can choose to move into the B quadrant as a team leader to gain leverage so your income is not solely dependent on the work that you do.

Work Avoidance vs Hard Work

   Anyone who has ever worked in a work place with other workers has certainly been around 2 types of people; Slackers who do as little work as they can get away with and Producers that work harder than most. That is not good for the company or the people.

   If you are a Slacker, go away and keep on looking, we are not the place to be, you will not fit in.

   However, If you are a Producer you could fit in.

   We repel slackers and reward producers very well.

Commitment FAQ

Q. Why are you charging a Commitment Fee to become an Associate?

A. To make sure your are Committed and weed you out if you are a weak candidate and not really serious about wanting to work and make a difference for people.

   In order to make it easier for you and us to be certain you are serious and will follow through.

   It is a non refundable payment that is reimbursed over and above payment for the work that you do so it is not a cost.

The only way it can cost you is if you don't follow through for at least 90 days and do some work for Associates or Clients and/or add some Associates and/or Clients.

Q. How much time do I need to commit to each week?

A. 10 to 15 hours per week is all that is required during your 90 day Basic Training & Probation period before we sit down for your final Career Planning Interview and evaluation where the final determination can be made and a plan put together to meet your needs and support your goals.

   You are free to put in more time if you like, in which case you will earn more money because you will complete more work.

Q. What if I don't have $400?

A. Then you have a problem that you need to solve and you need access to our Programs, Platform, and Resources more than you realize.

   At the same time we are concerned because the last thing we want or need is to have anyone in financial distress speaking to candidates, Clients, or prospects and pressuring them.

   If you have a legitimate short term hardship, for the first time ever we have payment plans available that can help you gain access with extremely affordable options.

   If your 'I don't have' problem is really a "I don't want to pay" problem, we can't help you, maybe an Associate would be willing to throw you some contract work.

   Good luck finding one if you're not willing to Commit.

   Nothing meaningful in life comes easy. If you need our payment options you just have to go a little deeper on the commit page.

Side note:
      • The inflation rate in the United States between 1978 and today has been 352.29%, which translates into a total increase of $352.29. This means that 100 dollars in 1978 are equivalent to 452.29 dollars in 2022. In other words, the purchasing power of $100 in 1978 equals $452.29 today.

 That means we should raise the Commitment Fee to $1,800.00, but we will probably cap it at $999.

Q. When will you be raising the Commitment Fee?

A. As soon as we can get our documents and web pages updated to accommodate the change. (it's long overdue 1978 was the last change when it went from $300 to $400.

Q. Have you always charged a commitment fee?

A. No. It was started around 1975 as a pilot program in our NY offsite project office and it turned out to be a great decision that resulted in more sales, less turn over, and greater income for Associates.

UEWUL Training FAQ

Q. How much time do I need to commit to each week?

A. 10 to 15 hours per week is all that is required during your 90 day Basic Training & Probation period before we sit down for your final Career Planning Interview and evaluation.

Q. What if I decide I don't want to be an Associate at the Career Planing Interview at the end of my Probation?

A. That's why we have the 90 Day part time basic training & Probation If you determine an Associate career is not for you, that's perfectly OK, we're not for everyone.

You can return to your old life with minimal disruption, hopefully more satisfied having tried something different.

Q. What if I haven't got all of my Commitment Fee reimbursed yet?

A. You did not do enough work but no worries, you can stick around long enough to do more to get fully reimbursed and earn some more money in the process or make a few referrals to complete the reimbursement and earn some more money in the process at the same time.

   The only way the Commitment Fee can cost you is by giving up prematurely, or not doing anything.

Side note: We planned our UEWUL Training to enable you to earn between $25 and $40 per hour for the hours you actually work plus bonuses.

   But let's say you are an under performer and you only work 10 hours per week and only earn $20 per hour and don't get any bonuses because your work is incomplete or otherwise sub par;

   There are 13 weeks in your 90 day probation so you would only earn $2,600 for the 13 weeks work and get your $400 Commitment Fee back on top of it for a total of $3,000 and we would wish you good bye and good luck since more than likely we wouldn't invite you to stay on unless there was a reasonable explanation for your under performance at your Career Planning Interview.

Q. Is it possible to come onboard full time before my 90 day probation is over?

A. The short answer is No. That being said you are allowed to put in more time so you gen get more work completed to earn more money.

Q. Is it possible to pass my Probation in less than 90 days.

A. Generally not, however we may make exceptions in certain situations for exceptional people with leadership capabilities.


Q. Why do I need to pay for a membership to be able to attend Training?
A. Because it's to be held on a Private Platform outside of social media and free of distractions. It also shows us you are at least 10% committed and buys you some time to choose to fully commit.

The Membership fees cover the overhead of maintaining the platform to benefit you and the other members.
Q. What if I decide I don't want to be an Associate at the end of my Probation?

A. That's why we have the 90 Day part time basic training & Probation If you determine an Associate career is not for you, that is perfectly OK, we're not for everyone. You can return to your old life with minimal disruption.

Q. Do I need to keep paying for the Membership?

A. Only if you feel you are getting value from it. Otherwise you can just not renew at the end of your term.

    If Financial Freedom is something you would like to achieve sooner than later being around people with the same interest can't be bad for you.

   Since our referral portal will be there you should be able to pay for your membership and then some just by making an occasional referral of a person that has a problem one of our Programs can solve.

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." 

— Napolean Hill

"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.." 

— Calvin Coolidge
30th President of the United States

Our most common Programs are displayed below

Joe's final words: We may be one of a kind and the only place on the face of the earth with our collective experience, collection of Programs, Private Deal Platform, and Resources, but who we are and what we've done doesn't matter, all that matters is that we can help you get to financial freedom faster and easier than we and our long time Associates and Clients did. But first you have to make it through our Process to get on the inside to get on one of the Anchor Teams.

I have 3 Resources I can send you that can help you whether or not you get accepted for a role and that you will need for your basic training. If you want them email: Joe@AnchorAA.com with the subject line '3 Resources + 'under 60' if you are under age 60 and I will send them to you along with a special report you must read if you are under age 60.

Costs are rising, Technology is Improving, & we're planning a Grand Reopening to new Associates & Clients so significant price increases are right around the corner. Expect prices to go up on Commitment Fees, Interest Rates, Trust costs, & Client Fees before long price increases are long overdue because we didn't bother raising prices while we were closed to new Associates and new Clients. Forewarned is forearmed.

About that Missing $94.7 Trillion…

See the commentary by Mark Nestmann below.

Back in 2019, we poked fun at the Department of Defense (DOD) for as we put it, “losing $21 trillion.” That sum represented what the Pentagon’s inspector general called “unsupported journal voucher adjustments” between 1998 and 2015.

Well, it turns out the $21 trillion is just the tip of the iceberg. Bloomberg News reports that the DOD recorded “accounting adjustments” for fiscal years 2017, 2018, and 2019 amounting to $94.7 trillion.

We can imagine the reaction of the IRS if during a tax audit they discovered $94.7 trillion in unreported income. Indeed, even a discrepancy one-ten-billionth as much – $94,700 – would undoubtedly warrant their attention and result in a tax assessment, interest, and penalties.

In fiscal year 2019, for instance, DOD reported $35 trillion in accounting adjustments. That was nearly 50 times the size of its actual budget. Indeed, $35 trillion exceeds America’s entire GDP for 2019 by more than 50%.

One of the few in Congress who have taken an interest in the “missing” $94.7 trillion is California Rep. Jackie Speier. She told Bloomberg that the DOD had made 546,433 adjustments in fiscal year 2017 and 562,568 in 2018.

Speier asked the General Accountability Office to look into the DOD’s accounting adjustments. It concluded that “96% of the system-generated accounting adjustments were recorded without adequate supporting documentation.” It’s little wonder that DOD’s accounting systems have been on the GAO’s “High-Risk List” since 1995.

For its part, DOD explains the adjustments are necessary “due to a lack of system capabilities or interfaces.”

Investment banker and former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts has taken a particular interest in the missing money. As publisher of The Solari Report, Fitts and her associates have assembled an impressive compendium of documentation relating to Uncle Sam’s inability to balance its books.

The real question is whether $94.7 trillion is actually missing, whether the Pentagon and other government agencies suffer from a chronic case of sloppy accounting, or both.

Consider fiscal year 2019, when the DOD’s budget was $738 billion, and it reported $35 trillion in accounting adjustments. About half of the $738 billion was for easily verified expenses such as paying military personnel. That leaves $369 billion that presumably could be subject to accounting adjustments. But as Solari’s Missing Money 2021 Update put it, “In this scenario, every dollar would have to have been counted 94 times in order to justify $35 trillion in accounting adjustments.”

Economics Professor Mark Skidmore, who prepared the 2021 update, requested additional information from both the GAO and DOD to explain these discrepancies. He concluded that only a request under the Freedom of Information Act could potentially shed additional light on the matter. In the meantime, Skidmore wrote:

These figures are so wildly outside anything that could be expected using fundamental accounting principles that we simply have nothing further to offer other than to note the absurdity.

This is nothing new. Back in 2001, former Department of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld made this astonishing admission:

According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.

Rumsfeld went on to characterize the money wasted by the military as “a matter of life and death.”

Since then, the problem has only gotten worse. Other than outliers like Jackie Speier, there’s been little interest from Congress in investigating the problem. But in May, Speier, along with every other Democrat in the House of Representatives, voted to give the Pentagon $33 billion to support Ukraine in its efforts to repel Russia’s invasion of its territory, with virtually no congressional oversight. And that’s on top of $14 billion that Uncle Sam had already spent on Ukrainian aid.

And don’t forget this is the same DOD responsible for overseeing the development of weapons like Lockheed’s F-35 combat jet. America’s taxpayers are slated to shell out more than $1.5 trillion over the plane’s anticipated lifespan. But there are only a few performance issues, such as the fact that the F-35 can’t take off from the Navy’s newest aircraft carriers and their nasty habit of crashing. They also can’t dogfight or even eject pilots in an emergency without killing or seriously injuring them.

But why worry about $33 billion, $1.5 trillion, or even $94.7 trillion? We can afford it! After all, our government can create as much money as it wants out of thin air. And any government that issues its own currency can always pay its bills with the cash it creates. If investors don’t line up to buy the debt, the Fed will purchase it instead and add those “assets” to its balance sheet through the process of quantitative easing.

Sure, this policy of “Modern Monetary Theory” is inflationary, and sure, the official inflation rate now exceeds 9% annually. (Unofficially, the real inflation rate is closer to 17% per year.)

As Dr. Skidmore observed, the whole situation is absurd. And that leads us to conclude that perhaps it’s time to consider your own Plan B.

From the Nestmann's Notes newsletter we sucscribe to.